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In the beginning there was everything. But everything was all together. Pushed together in one tiny little point. This is the word of the light. The light is truth. The point was so small that its in-ness was never ending. Everything was condensed in such a small point, that it was actually nothing. It was nothing but had the weight of everything. Its weight was so heavy, that its in-ness became outness. The outness was in reality still in, but now its weight had been thought of and realized. The thought of its own weight created a vision of outwardness. After the vision there was an explosion. The great long explosion that still exists today is what I speak of. The weight of everything thought about exploded outward but remained inward in substance. The all of everything is one thing, the point of everything. The thing that exploded. Which is everything all together thought of in pieces. The light is the exposed. This is the explosion, the exposure of all. Everything thinks, but is one thought. All thought comes from the light, the explosion. Truthful thought is of everything focused into one point, the point of everything together. In an explosion things change form very quickly, they go from dark to light to light to heavy to black to white to red to green to blue to yellow to round to square to big to small to dumb to smart to fast to slow. In slowness comes collection. In collection comes concentration. In concentration comes truthfulness. In truthfulness exists the light. Eventually everything comes to slowness then to collection. This then becomes the concentrated point of everything once again. Once again the tiny little point exists. The weight of everything again has a concentrated point. A tiny smallness that always existed. In truth it is the only existence. Once again there is a vision of outwardness cause by the realization of heaviness. So the explosion happens again. 

-D. Sweaters





D. Sweaters

  1. Camera: Nikon D3
  2. Aperture: f/16
  3. Exposure: 1/2th
  4. Focal Length: 24mm


Tables and chairs in the pool following a cyclone on Hamilton Island.